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About us

The Voice and Dance Academy, We are not simply a song and dance school; We are a passionate institution dedicated to nurturing the talent and creativity of our students. With a legacy of more than 25 years of prestige and excellence in the musical world in Chile, we have crossed borders and today we are proud to open our doors in Miami, Florida, USA.

At the heart of our mission is a belief in comprehensive education. Beyond simply perfecting singing and dancing skills, we seek to enrich personality, improve communication, and encourage artistic and interpretive expression in each of our students. For those who aspire to a professional career in the world of music and performing arts, The Voice and Dance Academy offers excellent training. Our commitment to quality and rigor is reflected in every aspect of our teaching. We strive to provide our students with the tools necessary to excel and thrive in the music industry.

We know that a suitable environment is essential for learning and growth. Therefore, our modern facilities and infrastructure designed for the comfort and optimal development of our students are part of what makes us special.

The Voice and Dance Academy, Our commitment is to nurture the potential of each student and guide them on their journey to artistic success. Join us on this exciting journey of self-exploration and artistic growth!