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Álvaro Silva

Speech therapist and Vocal Coach. Specialist in Vocology at the NCVS in the United States. Master in higher education. He has done musical theater training on Broadway, New York. Researcher in voice sciences and speaker in various countries in Latin America. Considered the vocal coach of influencers, he has coached several Chilean YouTubers and Instagramers. Vocal director of the First Influencers Musical Primera Cita and the First Latin American Kpop Musical. World champion in international singing festivals such as Egypt, Romania and the United States.

Margarita Tapia

She began her dance training with Fernando Henríquez and joined the Municipal Theater Ballet of Santiago. She continued her studies at the University of Chile and in different disciplines such as Pilates and Latin dance. She stood out in "Everything is Dance", participated in the Viña Festival ballet and has worked in national and international musicals. She is part of the Disney Latin America Staff and has been a choreographer for singers and a television coach. Additionally, she had academic roles at the Luis Jara Academy.

Luis Jara

Luis Alberto Jara Cantillana, with 35 years in music, is a prominent Chilean singer and producer. He gained fame in 1985 by winning the "A Song for Winter" Festival. He has had multiple successes and has been a recurring figure at the Viña del Mar Festival. In addition to his career, he founded the "Luis Jara Singing Academy", with 25 years of experience and a new headquarters in Miami. He also created "Musicarte", a foundation for young talents in vocal arts. In 2021, he released "Velita Blanca" and is working on a project with the Santiago Philharmonic and other renowned artists. His success and support for his vocal talent consolidate him as a key figure in Chilean music.