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Musical Theater Workshop

Designed for those who love music, singing, dance and theater. Participants will immerse themselves in the magical world of musicals, learning singing, dancing and acting techniques. They will explore different styles and repertoire of musical theater and work on character interpretation, voice management and body expression. Join this fun and exciting group workshop and discover the power of music!

Group Singing Workshop

This workshop is designed for those who wish to explore and enjoy singing. Participants will experience the excitement and joy of singing in front of other peers, developing vocal skills and learning the techniques necessary to face a stage. Different musical styles will be addressed, allowing participants to expand their repertoire and improve their vocal technique.

Dance workshop applied to the singer

In this workshop, participants will discover how the art of dance can complement and enrich their ability as singers. They will learn different movement and body expression techniques that will allow them to improve their stage presence and connect more deeply with the music they will perform. In addition, flexibility and coordination exercises will be worked on that will help enhance their vocal capacity.

Interpretation Workshop

This workshop will focus on developing participants' interpretive skills. Through practical and dynamic exercises, they will learn to transmit emotions and tell stories in a functional way. Techniques of vocal expressiveness, projection and connection with the repertoire will be worked on, all in order to achieve more authentic and memorable presentations.

Coaching Vocal individual

In this workshop, participants will receive personalized attention to enhance their vocal technique and reach their maximum potential as singers. A specialized teacher will guide you through vocal exercises, projection, voice placement and vocal care. In addition, they will provide advice on the appropriate repertoire for each person and help them resolve any difficulties they may have in their vocal development.

Speech therapy

It will focus on caring for and maintaining the vocal health of the participants. A specialized speech therapist will teach them voice warm-up and care techniques, injury prevention, and vocal stress management. In addition to carrying out rehabilitation in case of dysphonia. Topics such as pronunciation, articulation, diction and the correct use of the spoken/singing voice will also be addressed. All of this will help participants gain greater knowledge and control over their vocal instrument.